Sugar-free dieting delivers new look

Relevant offers Just six months of dieting has made such a difference to Nelson woman Shona Dodd that she has been able to stop taking medication for her type two diabetes and high blood pressure. She has lost between one and three kilograms of weight each week since early March and said the secret lay in cutting sugar from her diet completely. “I stopped eating sugar and everything it hides in,” she said. “Sugar is everywhere.” She also replaced fast food with home-made healthy snacks, began drinking more water and started bringing vegetables to work in her briefcase to stave off hunger pangs. The national health and safety manager for retirement village and rest home company Oceania Group, first got serious about watching her weight after the company introduced a health and fitness initiative called “The Biggest Winner”. She had not signed up to the programme personally, but said she felt obliged to take charge of her health due to her position. “I just didn’t think as a national health and safety manager I could say, You should look after yourself’ [in good conscience].” “[Staff] would just look at me and go You don’t look after yourself, Shona’.” At her heaviest Mrs Dodd wore a size 22 and weighed 102kg, but she can now fit into a size 12 pair of trousers. She lost 23kg in total, saying she wanted to lose another 10kg before she would be satisfied. She said her high blood pressure and diabetes had responded so well to the weight loss that she was able to stop taking her medication. Her reliance on steroids for asthma medication was also greatly reduced, which meant she saved money at the chemist.

No more dieting for Brownsboro Road

As WHAS-11 reported , the so-called road diet could have reduced lanes on the road and added sidewalks from Ewing Avenue to Hillcrest Avenue. Some favored the project as a way to improve safety in the neighborhood. Louisville Metro Council member Tina Ward Pugh said in the report that an earlier narrowing of another stretch of the road reduced accidents by 40 percent. Related links:

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