Fitness Friday: A Warm-up For People Who Don’t Like To Warm Up

With a few of our own sporting superstars and corporate Jamaica hosting 5K challenges every month, fitness frenzy has gone through the roof. And for the Jamaica Fitness Association (JAMFIT) being health conscious is especially important, and CEO Karelle Ashely-Jones, a former fitness pageant winner, is determined to spread the gospel. This year, marks the fifth staging of JAMFIT Fitness Week and every year Jamaicans are invited to visit, join or test participating gyms from November 4 to 9 . Some of the participating gyms this year are Spartan Health Club, Gymkhana, Firm Fitness Club, Fit Farm, Greg’s Xtreme Fitness, Dynamax, Raphael’s, Core Fitness, Sand West Fitness, Brijade’s Fitness, Body Pro, RIPT, Shermaine’s Sweat Shop, Cuthbert’s Fitness Studio, The Fitness Place, George’s Rehab Centre and Gym, Core Fitness, Body Trends Fitness Centre and Intense Body Dezign Fitness Club.

Then they peg a ball and go. Now, if that’s the way you’re going to play golf, so be it. Just don’t come crying when you’re sidelined for six weeks with a herniated disc or a sprained knee. For the rest of you, if you’re not willing to endure a full, pre-round warm-up routine, I’ve got a modified version that hits most of the major muscle groups needed to swing the club safely and effectively, and it can be done in less than five minutes. There’s one catch: You need to have a stretch band handy. In the video, I’m using one of PGA Tour trainer Dave Herman’s SuperFlex bands ( @superflexfit ). But you can use any stretch band so long as it can be anchored to a fixed position. So if you have Attention Deficit Disorder or typically arrive at the course nine minutes before your tee time, try this pre-round warm-up (watch video below). The first exercise will activate most of your lower-body muscles as well as the rotator cuffs and scapula region in the upper body. The second helps hip mobility and core stabilization by getting the hip flexors, obliques and abdominus muscles primed. One reminder: I demonstrate the first exercise on one leg and the other exercise in one direction.

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